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METAIRIE, La. Brent Grimes spent much of 2012 on the sidelines in Atlanta, a torn anterior cruciate ligament ended his season in the first game.

Now in Miami, that injury does not appear to be limiting the cornerback, who is sixth on the Dolphins defensive chart with 10 stops. He also has one of Miami's five interceptions this season and leads the team in passes defensed with five.

In other words, the Grimes who New Orleans will see Monday night closely resembles the one who played so well against the Saints in six games with Atlanta.

'Yes, absolutely,' Saints coach Sean Payton told Miami reporters this week. 'There's one play in the Atlanta film you see him sit on a route by Roddy White and you also see high ball skills with an interception, but I would say absolutely.'

Grimes likely isn't a player New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees is looking forward to seeing.

Eleven percent of Brees' career interceptions have come against the Falcons. Two of those interceptions were by Grimes and when he wasn't picking Brees off, he was tightly covering New Orleans' receivers.

He's now creating the same problems for quarterbacks while playing in South Florida. Grimes will line to the right side of New Orleans' offensive sets, the same place in which he attempted to shut down teams while with Atlanta.

'He's an extremely good athlete, he's got such good transition (and) he's got great leaping ability,' Brees said.'Being the fact that he's a smaller corner, he plays big because he can get up and contest balls, he's got great ball skills, he's smart. Windows close down very quickly around him because he's so quick to react.'

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