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By Tom Planchet

1/ Seattle 4-0 - Yes, it was a tight game, but it was on the road against a good team.
2/ Denver 4-0 - Peyton is like the Terminator, and Imean that in a good way.
3/ Saints 4-0 - Road tests ahead at Chicago and at New England.
4/ New England 4-0 - Patriots were lucky in first two games, now look good.
5/ Kansas City 4-0 - Chiefs are unlikely challengers to Broncos.
6/ Indianapolis 3-1 - Starting to be a believer
7/ Detroit 3-1 - Stafford, Bush and defense.
8/ Chicago 3-1 - Big game with Saints this weekend
9/ Miami 3-1 - They didn't look as bad as the score against the Saints indicated.
10/ Tennessee 3-1 - Loss of Locker and continued struggles of Chris Johnson will make this a tough stretch.

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