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BUCKTOWN, La. -- Jefferson Parish is making some additions to improve storm protection in the area, as officials prepare to install floating islands Thursday.

Officials say it's really all about adding more storm protection to the parish, because these floating islands really just end up becoming part of the marsh that already exists in the area.

17 of these islands will be installed nearly 60-100 feet from the edge of the existing wetland, running parallel to a 3.5 acre marsh area on the west side of the Bucktown marina. The islands are not very big, about 5' by 20' and they are supposed to provide habitat and shoreline protection.

Anchors are going to hold them in place and eventually the plants on the islands will grow toward and tie into the nearby marsh.

The project is being paid for by a $50,000 grant from the University of New Orleans Research and Technology Foundation.

Wednesday, crews worked to install the anchors and Thursday crew will put the actual islands in place.

In the end, these floating islands will help this area of Jefferson Parish be more prepared for a storm.

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