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NEW ORLEANS -- It was a chaotic scene at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) early Friday morning after a gunman opens fire in Terminal Three.

Police said 23-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia got inside the airport with a semi-automatic weapon,killing a TSA agent and injuring several others.

Sonja Berrios said she was one of the last passengers to make her flight from LAX to New Orleans.
She knew there was a problem when police wouldn't let anyone in the terminal.

'It was weird, very quiet,' she said. 'Very empty except for big crowds of people trying to get in. It was very strange, very surreal.'

At LAX, planes were grounded and security was heightened. A witness said she saw the gun as the suspect made his way through the terminal.

'I just saw the gun, and I was just terrified like everybody else was,' said Andrea Trujillo. 'We were just on the ground.'

Terri Quesada said the departing plane was only half full as several passengers weren't allowed inside.

'They did stop everything. All the traffic, everything that was going on. There was nothing going in,' Quesada said.

Airport police were able to take the suspect into custody after a shootout, but not before he claimed one victim.

Nathan Adderly feared he wouldn't be able to make his flight to Los Angeles after he heard what happened.

'I was stunned,' said Adderly. 'Coming to the airport and knowing I had a flight at 7 o'clock I was wondering if the airport would be on high alert.'

J. David Cox Sr., national president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said the officer killed was one of the behavioral detection officers that are stationed throughout the airport.

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