AFTER your smartphone is lost or stolen:

  1. Report It. If you know your smartphone is stolen, immediately notify your wireless provider so you can avoid incurring charges on the usage. If your device is lost, tell your provider to put a 'hold' on your account so that if it ends up being stolen, you've prevented unauthorized usage. You may also report your smartphone stolen to your local police department. Let them know what tracking or other kinds of apps you have installed that may help them locate the thief.
  2. Locate it. CTIA and its members remind you that your safety should always be your number one priority so you should never attempt to recover your smartphone on your own. But since you've already installed apps that can remotely track your smartphone, activate the app from a safe location. In addition to tracking, remote lock your smartphone so the thief cannot access your personal information.
  3. Erase It. If you have sensitive information, such as financial, health or work, or you believe your smartphone won't be returned, it's best to remote erase, or 'wipe' it. Essentially, wiping your smartphone is similar to resetting it to its default, or factory installed settings. If you stored any passwords on your smartphone, it's a good idea to change them.
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