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THIBODAUX, La. -- Pull up your pants -- that could soon be the message in Thibodaux if officials pass a law banning sagging pants.

The proposed ordinance was introduced Tuesday night at a City Council meeting inside City Hall.

'It's disrespectful,' said parent Rosie Delaune. 'They're not respecting themselves, and I don't think other people should have to sacrifice seeing that.'

She's not alone. Call it slabbing, low-riding, or whatever you fancy, the city of Thibodaux may soon slap offenders with a ticket if a proposed ordinance becomes law.

'I think it's about doing the right thing. I think it's about morality and about decency,' said Councilman Eugene Richard, who is leading the charge.

Richard said the issue was brought up by a community member at a City Council meeting last month. Terrebone and Lafourche Parishes have passed similar bans, and now Thibodaux wants to pass its own law.

Richard maintains this law isn't about targeting a specific group.

'It's not racial. You can walk down the street, you can see Asian, you can see Mexican, you can see white and you can see black. It crosses all demographics and all races,' Richard said.

'It's not a cute sight to see, but its' something the guys are doing everywhere,' said Sharon Saulsberry.

The Thibodaux native applauds the attempt to curb the low-riding fashion statement, but said it'll be tough to enforce.

'It will be hard to abolish. A lot of tickets will be given, a lot of money will be made, but I think it's something they'll never, ever be able to stop,' Saulsberry said.

Even though a similar law already exists in Lafourche Parish, Thibodaux officials say the proposed ordinance is targeted at getting a similar law on the books within city limits.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on the issue Dec. 3.

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