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NEW ORLEANS -- At just 12 years old, Cameron McCormick has had a lot of success in the martial arts. He got his black belt last month after seven years of training.

'He was very excited about getting his black belt,' said Elsie McCormick, Cameron's mother.

But Cameron's parents say that excitement quickly faded after an incident at the Overland Martial Arts Studio in Marrero two and a half weeks ago.

They say a sparring session with his mentor Dantin Overland left their son beaten and bruised.

'I don't have words for it, I don't,' Elsie McCormick said.

Cameron was wearing protective gear when the attack started.

'The first time he knocked me out, he knocked almost knocked my headgear off,' Cameron said. 'I fell down to the ground.'

Cameron said he lost consciousness twice and didn't tell his parents for more than a day.

'He told me, this is nothing, get up, this never happened,' Cameron said.

Cameron's father, Royce McCormick, said, 'He told him not to tell his parents because the black belt was a brotherhood -- what stays up in there, stays up in there.'

Medical records show he had a serious concussion, abdominal trauma and bruises to his head. Cameron's pediatrician called it 'child abuse.'

So, at the prompting of medical professionals, his parent's made a report with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

'I think an arrest needs to be made against master Dantin.'

The sheriff's office wouldn't comment about the case on camera, but did say it's still under investigation.

Overland's attorney, Joe Marino, released this statement: 'The only thing I'd say on his behalf is we've cooperated with the police investigation and deny all allegations. It's not true.'

But the McCormick's say they won't be satisfied until someone is held accountable.

'If I keep letting it go, what am I teaching my child?' Elsie McCormick said. 'That somebody can just beat on him like that and get by with it?'

There's one thing both the McCormicks and Overland's attorney agree on. Two Jefferson Parish deputies saw this incident happen.

The McCormicks believe those men had the responsibility to step in and stop it.

Overland's attorney, on the other hand, says they're credible witnesses for his client.

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