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By Tom Planchet

1/ Seattle 12-3 (last week 1) Though losing again is concerning, this still looks like the best, most confident and most importantly, the most likely team to host important playoff games.
2/ San Francisco 11-4 (last week 2) Though unlikely, they could catch Seattle, at the very least they are keeping the Seahawks from resting starters.
3/ Denver 12-3 (last week 3) Like most of the top teams, they aren't exactly racing to the finish line.
4/ New England 11-4 (last week 4) The most impressive of the top teams with a destruction of the defending Super Bowl champs - in Baltimore.
5/ Carolina 11-4 (last week 5) Huge win is the difference between 3 games on the road and a bye week and at least one home game in playoffs.
6/ Arizona 10-5 (last week 8) Even if they don't make the playoffs, they have made a statement with their strong finish.
7/ Indianapolis 10-5 (last week 9) Colts win over KCshows they may have recovered from midseason malaise.
8/ Philadelphia 9-6 (last week unranked) Eagles have it all in their favor now, one game for it all against Kyle Orton.
9/ Cincinnati 10-5 (last week unranked) Bengals to host playoff game. They'll take that.
10/ Kansas City 11-4 (last week 6) Chiefs could win a road playoff game, but don't bet on it.

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