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MCNEILL, Miss. -- The Hubbards in McNeill, Miss., are happy to have a place to call home for the holidays this year.

'I love it. I really love it.'

But a reminder of being left homeless by a tornado Christmas Day last year sits just outside their new living room window.

'His wife's name is Virginia. She said it has taken part of your roof off,' said Sue Hubbard. 'I couldn't imagine a tornado coming through. You never dream that would happen. Then he called me back a little while later and said, Sue, you really don't have a house. I won't suggest you try to come home.'

The Hubbard's home was one of 50 in Pearl River country that were damaged or torn apart by an F3 tornado.

It took a long time to come back, but the Hubbards say it was worth the wait.

'It's God's blessing. It's just so wonderful to be able to sit in a chair, in a room, and feel stable again,' Hubbard said.

But there's still a lot of recovery to be had. Many people say their biggest issue is with the insurance companies.

'Some people have relocated just because they didn't have a place to live, and that's unfortunate. We hate to lose good residents. We had some that actually had to leave the state because they couldn't get their insurance claims settled,' said Danny Manley, the Pearl River County EOC director.

The Hubbards hope the rebuilding around them does eventually turn out as well as theirs did.

'I guess if people, the people that lived here that you know just don't want to go anywhere else, their lives were spent here, they were born and raised here, I think they will eventually get their houses in order and move back,' Hubbard said.

Emergency officials estimate around a dozen homes in the McNeill area are still in the same shape they were after the storm hit last year.

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