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Ben Freeman, the suspect in two Thursday night shootings was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, inside a vehicle in Raceland, worked for Ochsner from 1998 until April of 2011.

David Gaines, System Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations said Freeman resigned on his own, and was not fired.

'He resigned as a full-time employee, citing reasons that were personal, in which he wished to resign. He remained eligible for rehire.'

Freeman started off in 1998 as a nurse technician and eventually he worked as a registered nurse. COO Michael Hulefeld said he had an amicable working relationship with Milton Bourgeois. The hospital acknowledged that Freeman's ex-wife had a restraining order against him, but the hospital considered that a 'personal matter.'

'We treated the restraining orders, which were secured by his ex-wife, as a personal matter, and so, as an employer, we wouldn't make any comments on personal matters, relative to her restraining order,' said Gaines.

Both Gaines and Hulefeld declined to discuss Freeman's employment records, and any possible problems he had with law enforcement while employed by Ochsner.

Hulefeld said numerous resources were brought in for hospital staff on Friday, including grief counselors, pastors and human resource officials from the New Orleans location. Those resources will be made available next week, as well.

Hulefeld said his thoughts and prayers go out to Bourgeois's family, and wife, Ann, who is recovering from her injuries.

'During time of great tragedy, we find comfort in each other,' he said.

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