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NEW ORLEANS -- After several months of study, and a lot of controversy, the New Orleans City Council has decided it will not consider a new noise ordinance in a Housing and Human Needs Committee Meeting, at least for now.

Councilwomen Stacy Head and Kristin Gisleson Palmer have withdrawn a controversial proposed noise ordinance that was set to be discussed at the council meeting Friday. In a joint statement, Head and Palmer acknowledged there has been 'much public consternation' over the ordinance.

Over the past several months, the committee faced plenty of opposition from both supporters of the Music Culture Coalition as well as residents.

Palmer said the council will work to craft a different ordinance that has 'an even more limited focus' on the Vieux Carre Entertainment District.

Last November, the city brought in sound expert Dave Woolworth to measure the decibel levels around the French Quarter in order to better decide what an acceptable noise level should be for the parts of New Orleans that thrive on music culture.

The committee originally proposed keeping the music no louder than the sound of average living room music, about 70 decibels, with some areas allowed to be a little louder.

The City Council has now decided to begin focusing on certain areas of the city first, to see if and how a sound ordinance could be implemented in order to make supporters on each side of the controversy happy.

A draft form of a new ordinance will be presented to the next Special Housing and Human Needs Committee meeting on January 27. The meeting set for Friday has been cancelled.

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