Jefferson Parish residents are advised to expect freezing temperatures and a possible mix of winter precipitation over the next 48 hours which could create potentially hazardous conditions.

Governor Jindal has declared a State of Emergency for the uninterrupted transportation and delivery of propane and heating fuel products due to extreme cold weather.

At this time, a FREEZE WARNING is in effect for the entire region through Friday morning and again Friday night into Saturday morning. The National Weather Service expects temperatures to drop into the upper 20's and lower 30's degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of 15 - 19 degrees Fahrenheit and remain in that range for six to eight hours overnight. Winds are predicted to gust at an estimated 20-30 mph. There is a chance for light rain turning into light sleet after midnight tonight and light rain turning to light sleet Friday afternoon.

It is recommended homeowners wrap exposed pipes in insulation or layers of old newspapers with plastic to keep out moisture and protect against wind. Also, know how to shut off water valves in the event a pipe breakage occurs.When using fireplaces or heaters, take all precautions, such as not placing anything within three feet of a space heater, ensuring any fire is extinguished prior to going to bed, and never leave a heater or fire unattended.

Check or replace batteries in smoke and CO2 detectors.

Residents are also asked to check on your neighbors and the elderly to make sure they have taken precautions for this freeze and consider outdoor pets in need of shelter or protection from the winter conditions.

Temporary, free housing for those needing shelter will be available at:

The Salvation Army

4530 S. Claiborne Avenue

New Orleans

(For males and females beginning at 4:00 pm. located just east of the Jefferson Parish Salvation Army Main Office)

Minimal space is available at:

The WayMakers Facility for women and children only

804 1st Avenue, Harvey, LA.

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