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NEW ORLEANS -- A neighborhood often considered among the safest in New Orleans is now growing more concerned about crime.

It became a major issue at a community meeting Thursday night in Lake Terrace, a neighborhood that can afford private security patrols, but is now pushing for a larger police presence.

Residents say it may not sound like much, but three recent burglaries here are making neighbors feel uneasy.

'I can understand that homicide would of course take precedent over some of the other things going on, but you don't want it in your back yard, any kind of crime let alone, someone kicking in a front door,' said Gus Vennis of the Lake Terrace Crime Prevention District.

NOPD Commander John Thomas said, 'We patrol the entire city with the resources that we have and give everybody attention, and obviously if there's a crime spree or somewhere, we'll readdress our resources. We will do that. But we patrol the city equally across the district.'

The Lake Terrace Crime Prevention Board said they are now seriously considering installing crime cameras throughout the community.

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