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It is the sight Iberville Street residents have been waiting nearly two weeks to see, the Sewerage and Water Board crew hard at work repairing a deep sinkhole that appeared after a sewer pipe broke at the bottom.

'We were delighted to see that somebody was finally getting out here,' said neighbor Diane Nowik with a relieved laugh. 'They came last night to set up the barricades, and this morning I stepped out about eight o'clock, and I saw the truck drive up. So yes, it's gonna get done.'

The sinkhole appeared on Lundi Gras and kept getting deeper. When the Sewerage and Water Board didn't show up by the end of the week as promised, they got more and more worried.

'We're across the street from a school, and it is only a matter of time before a child, or animal, or small car falls into the hole,' said neighbor Abby Smith.

The minute the Sewerage and Water Board crew arrived, and began digging this big hole to make the repair, you could certainly tell it was a broken sewer line at the bottom of the hole. But I asked Sewerage and Water Board executives to get a crew out here quickly, becuase it even impacted the school, affecting where kids are dropped off, especially on rainy days. The executives listened. they got the crew out, and it is making a big difference in this neighborhood.

It was a tough job, the broken pipe was buried deeply, repairing it was complex, but knowing the sinkhole will disappear is great news here.

'They listened, and they listened to Channel 4, and we thank Channel 4, and we thnk Sewerage and Water Board for responding,' SAID Diane. Makes a big difference to you guys? 'Absolutely.'

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