NEW ORLEANS A Metairie man who has been planning to form an armed citizens' group to patrol the French Quarter has turned himself in to police on an unrelated stalking claim.

According to the New Orleans Advocate, an arrest warrant was issued for Aaron Jordan on a felony stalking charge in relation to harassing letters he allegedly sent to a Municipal Court employee.

'She's terrified. This guy is on TV talking about how he's a gun-toting vigilante in the French Quarter,' a relative of the woman told the Advocate on condition of anonymity because he said he was afraid for his safety.

According to the relative, Jordan had been contacting the woman since August, sending her harassing letters and also mailing disparaging rants about her to other people.

Jordan, 37, announced the formation of the French Quarter Minutemen last week. He said the group would be composed of private citizens with concealed-carry gun permits who would escort workers in the historic neighborhood to and from their vehicles.

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