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MANDEVILLE, La. - A house built on the lakefront in Mandeville in the 60s was moved to a new home Friday, which was just a few streets over. The unique part was how it was moved: by barge.

Because the home is 3,000 square feet, it couldn't fit through the Lewisberg neighborhood, so Davie Shoring boated it over.

The home was donated to the Tchefuncte River Foundation because the owners of the property wanted to build a new home, but didn't want to tear the house down.

When the owner saw Davie Shoring move a home by barge just a few months ago, the idea to do the same for his house was born.

Warren Davie, Jr., owner of Davie Shoring, said, 'It's unique, but I'm hoping that it's something that catches on that will save these older houses.'

The home was given to Davie Shoring in a swap for work removing sunken boats in the Tchefuncte.

The company then sold the home to the owner of the new property it was moved to Friday.

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