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NEWORLEANS-- A man waved a pistol on Bourbon Street in the Faubourg Marigny at 4 a.m. Friday as a woman stood nearby, apparently as a lookout.

Police say he is the suspect in four armed robberies that have Marigny residents worried.

'People are really upset and people are very scared,' said Faubourg Marigny Association President Miles Swanson. 'It is really troubling to see such brazenness.'

Police believe four late-night armed robberies in eight days in the Marigny and at the edge of the French Quarter were committed by the same man, the first June 8, the latest Sunday morning.

Residents are nervous. Heather's friend called her about being followed.

'She actually called me and her phone hung up as she was telling me where she was,' said Marigny resident Heather. 'I thought that was it, that she had just been attacked, and luckily she called me back 30 seconds later.'

Laura from Seattle is visiting her daughter who is spending the summer in New Orleans, and just had a similar experience.

'And then he keeps standing there and he puts his arms out, like she's going to get out of the van, and he's going to embrace her or something, and it was really scary,' Laura said.

Just after robbing the victims Friday morning, the suspect fires a shot into the air.

Now police want to get the word out throughout this neighborhood, not only to catch the suspect, but also for residents and business owners to be as cautious as possible.

'People can install crime cameras in their houses, and the neighborhood association is actually offiering to help cover the cost of the installation of crime cameras,' Swanson said.

Swanson said there have also been several business burglaries over the last two weeks.

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