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NEWORLEANS-- Even if it weren't known for the service and food, the iconic look of the four-columned front of the Camellia Grill would make it memorable.

But these days the pictures tourists take are marred by the water leak staining the front sidewalk.

'It's a hazard. Someone could slip and fall on it, and they will want to sue us, thinking it's our property, which it's not,' said Camellia Grill manager Ronald Jaeger, Jr. 'It's the city's property.'

The leak from a broken Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board pipe leaves trails of green algae on the sidewalk, with the water flowing down the street.

'Every time a customer comes in they ask about the leak, Bill,' said Camellia Grill waiter Leon Martin.

'It's drawing flies, it's making mosquitoes, because that's what they breed in,' Jaeger said. 'So we've got mosquitoes all around the place and flies coming around.'

The leak gotten worse in recent months, and manager Ronnie Jaeger is tired of promises that repair crews are coming.

'The board of health, when they come, any time they do an inspection, that's the first thing they see when they walk up to the place.'

Ronnie Jaeger first emailed me in March, but at the time he thought the water board was about to come out and fix the leak.

Well, three months later you can see what they haven't done. So I'll be getting in touch with them, asking them to fix this leak as quickly as possible.

'Please come fix this as soon as possible,' said Jaeger. 'And it just looks bad. It's just not good for the city for tourists to come up and see water leaking in front of a landmark.'

I'll let you know what happens.

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