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NEW ORLEANS -- When police found a man shot to death in front of a New Orleans East home before dawn Monday morning, it was the thirteenth incident of the weekend.

In Orleans Parish, eight shootings left two dead and seven people injured. Police said studies show violence can fluctuate with the seasons.

'The last couple of days have been extremely hot weather-wise, and we normally see a spike in crime in the summer time,' said SUNO Criminologist Dr. John Penny.

In Jefferson Parish, seven violent incidents left one person dead and six injured.

In a horrific murder on Grand Isle, deputies say 34-year-old Jennifer Dozier was stabbed to death on the beach not far from her 1-year-old daughter. The victim's boyfriend Randy Marcel was arrested.

'He admitted to repeatedly stabbing his girlfriend of three years,' said Col. John Fortunato of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

But in all, there were five stabbings in Jefferson this weekend.

'Three of the five were domestic related incidents -- a girlfriend stabs a boyfriend, a boyfriend stabs a girlfriend, situations like that, and there's really not a lot that we can do as law enforcement officials from keeping someone from injuring or killing their significant other,' said Fortunato.

'It is up close and personal, as brutal as anger is rooted in a lot of violent temperament,' Penny said.

We're just at the beginning of what could be a long, hot summer, so deputies say they are hoping people will keep their cool.

'Use good judgement, instead of trying to get involved in an altercation,' Fortunato said.

'There are some things in the community that we just can't protect everybody against, so I think that families are going to have to be vigilant,' Penny said.

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