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NEW ORLEANS - Two people were in critical condition and seven others were injured after New Orleans police say two men started shooting at each other early Sunday morning on Bourbon Street.

Eyewitness News has surveillance footage from inside a nearby bar moments after the first gunshots were fired. The shots rang out just before 3 a.m. near the intersection of Bourbon Street and Orleans Avenue.

Surveillance video taken from inside the Tropical Isle shows the chaos ensue as people scrambled and trampled over one another to take cover inside the Bourbon Street bar.

'I was in the back of the bar taking a cigarette break when all of a sudden I heard a lot of gunshots, it had to be like more than 8 of them,' says Tropical Isle bartender Jimmy Burgin.

Burgin immediately ran to the front doors to help put the bar in lock-down and that is when he saw a 19-year old Arkansas woman on the ground suffering from a bullet wound to the abdomen. Video footage shows his attention turn to the victim as he rushes to her side.

'I was just wanting to see how bad off she was,' says Burgin. 'I asked her if she was able to breathe OK and if she could feel her legs. She told me everything was OK as far as that goes, it just really hurt bad.'

According to superintendent Ronal Serpas, two armed men got into a dispute and began firing at one another, spraying bullets into an unsuspecting crowd along Bourbon Street.

Video from captures a glimpse of one of the shooters as he turned the gun on the crowd before running off.

'It was chaotic, ya know, everyone was trying to get help to the people that they saw were injured,' says Burgin.

AJ Garcia and his girlfriend Amanda Hawkins were among those that jumped into action to help another wounded victim nearby.

'He was shot in the knee and then we lifted his pants up and he was just gushing blood and I took my shirt off and my girlfriend tied it around his leg,' says Garcia.

'I work in the medical field so I knew you needed to tie it with a tourniquet and keep it elevated above his heart,' says Hawkins.

'It was traumatizing, definitely after that it ruined our whole night,' says Hawkins. 'We just wanted to go back to the hotel and make sure all of our friends were safe.'

'It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth,' says Garcia. 'We were just walking back here to get some souvenirs and every step I took it's not a good feeling because this is exactly where everything happened.'

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