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ST. BERNARDPARISH, La. -- A team of investigators for the state Attorney General's office rolled a cart out of the St. Bernard Parish government complex as stunned parish workers looked on. On the cart were computers and documents seized from the office of Parish President Dave Peralta.

Their first stop was at Peralta's house, with a spokeswoman for the Attorney General saying only that search warrants were executed, adding that a gag order in the case prohibited further statements.

Peralta also had little to say. When asked what his reaction was, Peralta said, 'I have none. And unfortunately because there is a gag order issued by the judge, I apologize but there's nothing I can say.'

'I really don't know what's going on, but I can't comment on anything because of the court order.'

'But it's not every day that you see a parish president, or any elected official, who has an army, or a small army of investigators show up at both his home and his office, and seize all the computers,' noted legal analyst Chick Foret.

Peralta was indicted in April on a charge of sexual battery to his ex-wife. He now faces an Aug. 4 contempt of court hearing on charges he sent emails to her and violated a court order that he avoid contact with her.

'What are they looking for?' asked Foret. 'Are they looking for any evidence of emails? Are they looking for any evidence possibly of an obstruction of justice that perhaps someone tried to erase or alter any emails if they existed.'

Peralta's attorney also said he couldn't talk, again because of the gag order. A spokeswoman for the Attorney General's office said no arrest warrant had been issued in this case.

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