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St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta spent the morning at the St. Bernard Parish Courthouse for two appearances and hearings related to charges brought against him by his ex-wife, and for now, she has dropped contempt charges against the parish president.

In the first hearing, Peralta asked for the return of computers, cell phones and documents seized a week ago by investigators for the State Attorney General's Office.

Attorneys for Peralta said the items were needed by the parish in order for the parish to complete their daily business activities, and that some information on the items was protected by attorney-client privilege and should be returned for use by the parish.

State lawyers said the computers were being copied so they could be returned and the judge admonished them not to look at any material that is protected by attorney-client privilege in the copying process.

In the second hearing, Peralta's ex-wife, Sharon Schaefer, filed contempt of court charges, accusing Peralta of emailing her in violation of a restraining order.

However, Monday, her new attorney Stephen Rue, asked that that motion be dismissed but only for the time being.

Rue also said that Sharon Schaefer was sick and could not attend court Monday but that there would be more hearings to come in regard to the parish president.

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