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NEWORLEANS-- Police say they found eight pounds of marijuana, $4600 in cash and five confined pit bulls at a house in the 7800 block of Star Street in the Little Woods neighborhood.

They arrested 40-year-old Milton Campbell and booked him with possession with intent to distribute and dog fighting.

Campbell's daughter Chardonnay Dew says officers were just piling on the charges.

'Yesterday when they came, they put it on him like he fought the dogs,' said Dew. 'That wasn't his dog. He helped somebody take care of their dog and he got the charge for it.'

Neighbor Bam Williams was also quick to shoot down the dog fighting allegations.

'That's false,' said Williams. 'That man don't fight no dogs. That's his friend's dog that he was taking care of. That was put away. You know what I'm saying. He was nursing them back to health.'

The impounded dogs were brought to the Louisiana SPCA headquarters in Algiers. Animal Control Officers did not want to talk about this case, but said often times there are tell tale signs that dogs have been involved in fighting.

'There's distinct markings between a dog fight and dogs that just got in a scuffle and might have fought over food or resources, a toy, anything like that,' said Chief Animal Control Officer Amanda Pumilia. 'There's distinct marks on the face, on the arms, on the head.'

According to the Louisiana SPCA, dog fighting is pretty common in certain parts of New Orleans.

'It's more of the lower level fighting, not the big time rings,' said Pumilia. 'It's just a few dogs in the yard type of dog fighting.'

Dew says her father had to sign away the rights to his dogs.

'There's not no problem between the dogs,' said Dew. 'He never fought a dog a day in his life. He always took care of dogs.' As for the drug charge, police say they found narcotics-packaging material at Campbell's house. A neighbor maintains the marijuana was for Campbell's personal use.'

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