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SLIDELL, La. -- An alert sign at the front of the Eden Isles neighborhood in Slidell was the first indicator to many residents that something was going on.

Very few expected the warning to be about the canals that zig-zag through the area in almost every property's backyard.

'I've been here just about 30 years and the most I've ever seen back there is maybe a three foot alligator,' said resident Joe Burton. 'I've never seen anything like this in the canal.'

The memo on the homeowners' association website informed residents that bull sharks had been spotted in the canals, which connect to Lake Pontchartrain.

Just weeks ago, a 7-year-old was bitten by one while in the lake. Experts are trying to spread the word that these waters were a stomping ground for pup sharks, particularly in the summer time.

Reaction to the fish now being spotted swimming nearer to people is mixed.

'It scares me and we don't go swimming in this water because of that,' said Theresa Wallot.

Burton said, 'It had to come from somewhere, so could it be back here, absolutely. But I'll be honest with you, it's just something I'm not concerned about.'

The warning to the neighborhood included asking people to careful about feeding anything in the water and being mindful of anything that could come up with a line when fishing.

And while many residents say the heads up is appreciated, some say they're not going to let it change their lifestyle. Others say actually doing something about it, other than avoiding the water, is a long-shot.

Experts say the sharks generally stay in the lake area through the summer and leave when the water starts to cool.

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