OPINION: Was I surprised that the Saints beat the Patriots? No. Was I surprised the way they won? Yes, of course. Tom Brady has been playing well. The Patriots are a good team. The Saints showed the doubters that they are the best team in the NFL at this time. I thought the Saints could win and should win if they came out and played like they did the season's first 5-6 weeks.

This win couldn't have come at a better time. There will always be the doubters who said, well, the Saints haven't beaten anyone. They beat the Lions with a rookie quarterback and the Bills with a young QB, and the Eagles with a backup and the Jets with a rookie. I think this should silence those doubters for a while.

BREESWINSHEADTOHEADMATCHUP: Drew Brees did what he's done all season long, but few have seen him play, except regionally as the Saints only had that one Monday night game prior to this one. After this game, playing the way he did, people may have to at least consider that the league's best quarterback might not play in Minnesota, or New England or Indianapolis.

MCKENZIE COMESUPHUGE: Mike McKenzie flat out showed he knows how to play football. Having not having played in a year's time, coming off of two surgeries, he made one of the game's biggest plays and had several other big plays and tackles. He and the patched up secondary kept the big weapons of Moss and Welker in check. You can't even say that McKenzie knows the system, because Gregg Williams has a different system, but football is football.

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