NEW ORLEANS -- A New Orleans Saints spokesman has clarified which seats will no longer be available in the Superdome to season ticket holders because of renovations.

Last month, the Saints told Eyewitness News that just the top rows of sections 639, 640 and 641 were being affected. But soon after the story ran, fans in other sections called to say they also were losing their seats.

Two weeks after they were contacted looking for more information, the Saints responded.

Greg Bensel, a spokesman for the team, wrote Eyewitness News on Monday, seemingly surprised by our repeated requests for comment.

'How long will this epic story run??...are you guys doing a mini-series??...Outside of breaking news and you a (sic) guys running a crawl during daytime soaps, I think this story has been well covered,' Bensel wrote.

Bensel said 10 sections are being impacted, not three like was originally reported by the Saints. (click here to watch original story). According to Bensel, the impactedarea includes certain rows between sections 635 and 645.

'The rows vary in each section, but mostly are last few rows, anywhere from the last two to last four to five in some sections,' Bensel said.

When asked why there was adiscrepancy between the new numbers and what was reported last month, Bensel said, 'No discrepancy. 639-641 falls within 635-645.'

To see the full e-mail exchange between the Saints and reporter Bigad Shaban, click here.

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