NEW ORLEANS ― For the first time since that historic night in late January when Garrett Hartley hit the game-winning field goal in the NFC championship game, the Saints returned to the Superdome.

Only this time, nothing was on the line. Head Coach Sean Payton wanted only to see how the new turf on the stadiums floor felt.

'Really, just to get a feel for, No. 1 the new surface,' Payton said. 'Every year we try to get in here once because they change the surface out every year. Each year is a new turf. We get a chance to move around on it and make sure we feel good with where it's at. They can harden it if we want it.'

The floor isn't the only change for the team to deal with.

Additionally, the locker room has been gussied up and expanded. The coaches box is now at the top of the stadium, higher than where it used to be at club level.

'They're going to walk through those logistics and just try to have that covered before we come in here Saturday night,' Payton said.

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