NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans police have one suspect in custody, and another is still wanted for the first-degree murder of 2-year-old Jeremy Galmon.

Police issued arrest warrants for the two suspects Wednesday morning.

The toddler's family members say they're glad police have suspects in the case, but they're still trying to deal with Jeremy's death.

It's hard to believe that the click of a mouse brings Clementine Williams comfort. But standing in front of her computer, looking at pictures of her great-grandson is all she can do now that he's gone.

'When I get lonely and I start thinkin' about him, this is where I go. Right here. Cause I'll always have him,' Williams said.

The pictures of Jeremy Galmon help ease the pain, even now that New Orleans Police have two suspects in his murder.

'That was a part of me. And you just took it. Like that,' Williams said about the shooter.

'We will not rest until we find a way to bring the perpetrators to justice,' said Mayor Mitch Landrieu at a press conference at City Hall Wednesday announcing the arrest warrants.

Bernell Pollard, 21 and Jamiron Pollard, 28, are now accused of Galmon's first-degree murder.

'The fact that the victim is under 12 years old classifies it as an aggravating circumstance, which raises it to the level of first degree,' said Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.

Before noon Wednesday, U.S. Marshals had arrested Jamiron Pollard at a house in New Orleans East. He was booked at Orleans Parish Prison without saying a word.

'They're both convicted felons with possession of firearm convictions and narcotics convictions,' said NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas

Most recently, in 2008, Bernell Pollard was convicted of a felon with a firearm charge. He was sentenced to five years in state prison, but just got released.

Police wouldn't say what led them to the Pollards as suspects in Galmon's murder.

'The matter is under investigation,' Serpas said.

They wouldn't say which of the cousins was the alleged shooter, if more than one gun was used, or even if they're looking for more suspects.

'The case is under investigation. A judge has signed a warrant for first-degree murder for Burnell Pollard and Jamiron pollard. That's it,' Serpas said.

'I give thanks to the New Orleans police, you know that they, did real fast. You know. They finally got somebody real fast. It didn't take years and years like they usually do,' Williams said.

She doesn't think she'll ever figure out why anyone would open fire, especially in a crowd.

'You got a beef with somebody, why you not beef with them. Why you got to bring guns in it? Do like old days, fight it out. You'll live to see another day,' she said.

Unfortunately, this time, her great-grandson paid the price. 'He's just an angel,' she said.

Police are still searching for 21-year-old Bernell Pollard. If you have any information about his whereabouts, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

Funeral services 2-year-old Jeremy Galmon have been scheduled for next Monday at First United Methodist Church at 2309 Dryades, near the scene of the boy's shooting. Visitation is from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. with the funeral service at 11 a.m.

Donations to help the family pay funeral expenses are being taken at any Liberty Bank branch.

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