COVINGTON, La. The St. Scholastica community is mourning the loss of a popular junior.

Sixteen-year-old Angelle Ulfers died early Friday morning from injuries sustained in a car crash Saturday evening.

'She was an absolutely beautiful girl with the brightest smile I'd ever seen,' St. Scholastica Senior Rachel Despeaux said Friday.

'She was just very upbeat,' St. Scholastica Junior Morgan Silva added. 'She was always smiling.'

'It's a tragic loss,' St. Scholastica President Marguerite Celestin said. 'Angelle was a wonderful student. A great, lively young student whose life was ahead of her and we are all suffering, we are all grieving.'

According to State Police, Ulfers fatal accident happened on Highway 190, about two miles from Covington High School.

Around 6:20 Thursday evening, investigators said, Ulfer tried to pass several cars in her Nissan Pathfinder. After seeing a pickup truck coming in the other direction, State Police said, Ulfers veered back into her lane, but lost control of her vehicle. According to investigators, she overcompensated and swerved into the path of traffic, where she was hit on the driver's side by a Chevrolet Pickup.
Trooper Louis Calato of Louisiana State Police Troop L called it 'a violent collision' near Fitzsimons Road.

'Right now, we don't suspect alcohol,' Trooper Calato added. 'We don't suspect any type of driver impairment of any kind. Just a little bit of aggressive driving and her losing control of her vehicle.'

The driver of the pickup truck was not cited in the accident.

First thing Friday morning, St. Scholastica school leaders gathered the students together to tell them what happened.

'We tell them that it's ok to cry, it's ok not to cry,' Marguerite Celestin said. 'It's ok to be angry. It's ok, whatever their feelings are of the moment and how they want to react, it's ok. We want them to touch base with who they are.'
'Right when we got to school, we all got together and went into the Chapel and prayed together.' St. Scholastica Junior Emily Serpas added. 'At break, we all got in a circle and shared memories of her, and that's what she wanted.'

It is homecoming week at SSA, a 100-year old all-girl Catholic school, but Friday night's homecoming dance was postponed.

School leaders said, they will reschedule it on another night.

Instead, on Friday night the school will hold a 7pm prayer service in the school's gym. Those attending are asked to wear purple, Angelle Ulfers' favorite color.

'A couple nights ago, the Junior class gathered to celebrate their class as a whole, and Angelle couldn't stop saying, 'you know, guys, I just want us all to be good friends,' Rachel Despeaux said. 'I want us all to grow together and be that class, that one unified class, and embrace that sisterhood'.
And if she could see the campus today, I'm sure she's looking down on us smiling because, she got it, everyone has completely embraced everyone else.'

Several students said, being at school Friday helped.

'You think this only happens in movies and it happened to our class,' St. Scholastica Junior Mimi Scardulla said. 'I came and I saw my friend and it was so nice to just have somebody to hold my hand and somebody to hug me, and just to know that everybody's in the same place and we were all together. I feel love in the school today.'

'It's really special to see how everyone is so effected by it,' St. Scholastica Senior Sophie Giberga added. 'It's so tragic, but at the same time, I feel so blessed to be in a community like this.'

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