NEW ORLEANS -- Don't speed when you turn from Vicksburg onto Kenilworth in Lakeview, or you could be sorry. Very sorry.

Taking up much of the middle of the street is a crater, not a pothole. It is 5 by 6 feet wide, and at least 4 feet deep. Residents say it used to be deeper, until people began throwing cement and bricks into it.

'If somebody goes into that hole in a car, they're going to be seriously injured,' said Patrick Stuart. 'There is no getting out of that. It was 6 feet deep. I mean you could have a party down there if you wanted to.'

Fortunately there are barrels in place to warn drivers, but the crater is so big it can be tough to maneuver around it, unless you drive on the curb, or the neighbor's lawn.

'I've called the city probably four or five times. I keep a record, I have a log, in my little book,' Stuart said. 'They say they were going to send an inspector out, so you know how that goes.'

And just one block away, at Brooks and Vicksburg, another warning barrel is in place to alert drivers to the depression that has formed in the middle of the intersection. It has filled with water, so it is hard to tell how deep it is.

'You have to go around,' said Pastor Irvin Boudreaux of St. Luke's United Methodist Church. 'You don't get in it. I don't think you can get out if you get in it. You see, everybody just knows to go around, and it seems like the answer to a hole in Lakeview is just to put one of those things up. Never to go patch it.'

Pastor Boudreaux said these are just two examples of a big problem with big potholes in Lakeview.

'Holes all over the place. Sometimes they are sinkholes, and some of them seem real dangerous, because like a lot of them are big enough for a small child to get caught in.'

I'm contacting city officials, asking them to come out, take a look at this situation, take action and get this repaired. Those who live and work in this area say it is long overdue.

'This community is doing well in its comeback,' noted Boudreaux. 'It would be nice to have streets that you can ride on comfortably.'

I'll let you know what happens.

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