Doug Mouton / NorthshoreBureau Chief

SLIDELL, La. -- There was still significant water in the streets of the Palm Lake Subdivision Monday afternoon, but it was a huge improvement over the past couple days.

For the most part, people who live here say they love it here.

'Wonderful, beautiful when it's not hurricane season, but when it's hurricane season, yeah, we dread it,' said resident Summer Himber.

Many of the homes here in Palm Lake are now raised, like John Stachovsky's. His downstairs is now a non-living area.

When asked how much of a difference does it make for these homes to be raised, Stachovsky said, '100 percent. I was cleaned up in two and a half hours.'

Many of his neighbors are on mitigation lists waiting to be raised. Before his home was raised, he said he had great anxiety about coming storms.

Now, he has this to say: 'You get ready for a storm, you get your case of beer, carton of cigarettes, food and water and chill. And that's it.'

Across the parish there was drastic improvement.

The Mandeville Lakefront has now completely dried out. It was all covered in water this weekend, and St. Tammany Parish President Kevin Davis does not believe there will be more problems in the lake when that water runs down south.

'None of our rivers or bayous are out of their banks,' he said. 'They're back in, but we've got a lot of rain north of us. But that impact will take several days for it to get here. So it's probably Thursday or Friday when you talk about the Pearl River and others that may see some cresting, but I don't think it'll be anything to worry about.'

'The water's going to go down and we're going to put things back together, clean up our yards and move on with life,' Himber said.

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