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NEW ORLEANS -- For Drew Brees a devastating storm and a near career-ending injury are all chalked up to an alignment of the stars.

In a conversation with Brees and his wife Brittany, he says of his recovery and the city's 'in a way were able to lean on each other and use each other to come back stronger than ever.'

Drew, Brittany and their 2-year-old son Baylen were unveiling a new commercial the father and son had made for Vicks VapoRub.

The couple said their youngest, 1-year-old Bowen, wasn't feeling well enough to be out.

In a conversation afterward, Drew said his kids are what it's all about.

'You live for your kids. They're all that you think about and talk about, and I think every decision you make in life you think, how is this affecting my kids?' he said. 'And you know, your world just kind of centers around them.'

Like having kids, Brittany says New Orleans' Katrina experience helped them reevaluate what life is about.

'You know when you see people what the city of New Orleans has gone through and see the zest for life and just the people that have the resilience to make this city amazing like it was, but even better than what it was,' she said.

Drew said they're not sure what Baylen's going to be for Halloween. But they agree, that moment after the 2009 Super Bowl win when Drew paraded around the stadium with Baylen is a memory they will always treasure.

'Yeah, well, hopefully we'll have more moments like that,' he said. 'That was a special moment that I'll remember forever, and you know every day I think about how to create new experiences and the kind of life experiences that we'll have forever.'

Drew has a chance of eclipsing Dan Marino's record for total passing yards in a single season, but he doesn't want to dwell on that.

'You know, I'll be honest with you. I try not to think about that,' he said. 'I think about winning games. As long as you focus on winning, then all of that other stuff takes care of itself.'

If you ask how he has become even more accurate than in past seasons, he talks about the other guys.

'I look at the experience that we have. I also look at the young talent that we have. I look at the acquisitions that we had in the off season.'

So how does he react hearing that fans are buying stickers or temporary tattoos so they can have a birthmark like his?

'Well, it's just like when somebody you know chooses to wear your jersey to the game or something that supports not only the team, but maybe you as their favorite player, something like that, that's an honor,' he said.

Brittany added, 'There are no fans like the fans in New Orleans. They are the best. There are no fans in the world like Saints fans, and every time we have friends come in from other towns, I mean they'll say that, you know, the kindness. You know win or lose, I mean, they're just great fans.'

One reason Drew says the Saints are doing so well this season is simple.

'We're just having fun.'

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