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With LSU punching their ticket to the BCS Championship game on January 9th in the Mercedes Benz Superdome you do realize that weekend will likely be the biggest football weekend in the history of Louisiana?

LSU will have a rematch with Alabama to decide who gets to be the King of College Football but that's not the reason it will be the biggest, craziest football weekend of our lives. LSU has played for a title in the Dome before and the Saints have hosted playoff games but never on the same weekend.

Let that sink in.

Right now the way things stack up in the NFC the Saints will likely be the #3 seed in the NFC. So if they win the NFC South they'll be hosting a playoff game on either January 7th or 8th.

Will the craziness rival Super Bowl weekend of 2010? We had Mardi Gras just getting rolling and the Saints in the Super Bowl so it might be tough.

In 2010, New Orleans didn't have LSU and Alabama fans descending on the French Quarter for the biggest match up of SEC teams in history or at the least the biggest since the last time they played. Still not as big as Super Bowl weekend in 2010 you say? Fine. I'll raise it up a level.

How about the Saints facing the Atlanta Falcons in a playoff game two nights before LSU plays?

Sure it's possible the 49ers stumble a bit down the stretch and the Saints get a bye but that would probably mean the Saints win out. They aren't going 13-3 with this defense.

The Falcons look like they will probably be the #5 seed in the NFC since Chicago and Detroit look dead in the water but my prediction of a Saints-Falcons game has more to do with history than anything I'm seeing on the field in 2011.

It's the 20th anniversary of the Saints first division title and hosting the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs. It was Jerry Glanville, Deion Sanders, and Jim Mora signing a homeless man the Wednesday before the game and starting him at corner. Just kidding, Mora signed Milton Mack and he wasn't homeless but he did start at corner and give up the game-winning touchdown.

So I'm just saying to prepare yourself accordingly for both the Saints and LSU playing on the same weekend, against their hated rivals, with everything on the line. The possibility of it excites and frightens me all at once. I might need to take off the week before because no way I'm getting anything done that week and then I'd need the week after off to recover.

The most delicious, terrifying, and awesome football weekend of our lives is on a slow steady march towards us. Prepare yourself and remember who told you it was coming.

The Games

Last Week: 3-2

Season: 36-24

Tennessee (+3.5) vs. New Orleans: You trust this defense on the road? I wouldn't trust the Saints defense against Billy Joe Tolliver and 10 folding chairs. I'll give Gregg Williams credit for at least failing each week in a different way. He's tried the 4-3, the 3-4, not blitzing, blitzing, and still teams drop 400 yards on the Saints as easily as I just crushed a family size bag of Doritos.

To all of you screaming, 'The Lions only scored 17 points. That's all that matters!' The majority of the Saints best defense against Detroit involved waiting for the angry and confused Lions to set themselves on fire. If I accidentally set my curtains ablaze and my house burns to the ground I can't call it stage one of house renovations.

The Titans are 22nd in yards per game and 21st in points so in theory they shouldn't be unstoppable. The problem is Chris Johnson is back and the Saints give up 4.9 yards per rush. I fully expect the Saints to slow Chris Johnson and allow receivers and tight ends we've never heard of to look fantastic.

Tennessee on defense is middle of the pack in yards per game but sixth in points allowed. Drew Brees will look mortal, the defense will look like it always does, and the Saints will experience death by field goal.

Titans 27-24

Denver (-3.5) vs. Chicago: Before everyone starts believing Tim Tebow can complete passes on a regular basis I'd like to point out the Vikings pass defense gives up 252 yards a week and Drew Brees will probably drop 300 yards on them in the first half next week. Tebow goes 10-15 and we want to throw him a parade.

The thing is the Bears are without Jay Cutler and Matt Forte, which make them passengers on a boat drifting in the ocean with no hope of rescue. They are already dead but just don't know it.

Tebows 23-10

Arizona (-3.5) vs. San Francisco: Watching this game you'll either be super excited because the Saints won and if the Cards win the #2 seed in the NFC is in reach! Or the Saints will have lost and you'll be angry, oh so angry when Patrick Peterson returns an Alex Smith interception for the win.

Cards 20-16

Dallas (-3.5) vs. New York Giants: ESPN's Colin Cowherd tried to make the case Tony Romo not calling timeout, letting the clock tick down and then missing a 49-yard field goal to win the game was the right call because imagine what COULD HAVE GONE WRONG if the Cowboys ran another play? People who fear leaving their house because they might get hit by bus, abducted by aliens, or breathe anthrax the terrorist pumped into the air while they were sleeping completely agreed.

Cowboys 34-30

Miami (-3) vs. Philadelphia: The media defending Andy Reid is so funny to me. He has been in Philly over a decade and it's time for a change. He gave Michael Vick $40 million, which alone is reason enough to kick him to the curb. Reggie Bush by the way is killing it in Miami and the Dolphins will finish third in the AFC North.

Dolphins 28-17

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