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NEW ORLEANS -- Tough questioning by former New Orleans Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert, who is also the father of an LSU offensive lineman, to LSU Coach Les Miles after the 21-0 loss to Alabama in the BSC title game has now become an Internet sensation.

Hebert asked the first question during the coach's post-game news conference.

'Coach Miles, did you ever consider bringing in Jarrett Lee?' said Hebert.

Hebert then proceeded to grill Miles about not bringing in the backup QB given starter Jordan Jefferson's inability to move the ball.

'I know Alabama's defense is dominant, but come on, that's ridiculous, 5 first downs, so it's almost, coach, I'm going to tell you from the fans standpoint, how could you not push the ball down the field, bring in Jarrett Lee,' said Hebert. 'So what if you get a pick six?'

Tuesday, Hebert made no apologies for his impromptu rant.

'What you got to sugar coat Coach Miles,' said Hebert. 'Does he walk on water? Come on. He has an unbelievable record, but the fans want to know why in the hell Jarrett Lee didn't have an opportunity to play. Is that a difficult question? To me it's common sense.'

On WWL radio where Hebert hosts a nightly sports talk show, callers were also taking Miles to task.

'I think Les Miles needs to step up and say this is 100 percent my fault,' said one caller.

Another said, 'He just would not give Jarrett Lee another shot. He just refused to do it. It got to a point where he was just not going back the other way.'

'This is my feeling, I think I think putting Jarrett Lee in there would have made a difference,' said another caller.

Hebert's co-host Deke Bellavia said Hebert had a right to ask Miles the question.

'Who would it be more valid to come from, a guy that played professional football for 14 years or some knucklehead like me who's pushing a pencil, called a journalist who never played the game?' said Bellavia.

Most of the WWL-TV Facebook posts took Hebert's side.

Denise Borell wrote: 'Nice job, Bobby. You spoke for the majority.'

Winfield Friloux disagreed, writing, 'Bobby needs to do his job as a reporter and not as a fan.'

'It was just a question I guess, maybe I didn't word it the right way, but the fans would have wanted to know why you didn't push the ball further down the field,' said Hebert.

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