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NEW ORLEANS -- Not much has gone right for the Hornets this season. First they lost superstar Chris Paul, and the key piece of that trade, Eric Gordon, has hardly played since joining the team because of injury.

You could say it's unfortunate timing with so many questions remaining about the franchise's future.

They came out to support their Hornets, but entering the New Orleans Arena Monday night, some fans expressed desires for a better future.

'We need some firepower and I don't know if we're gonna get it through the draft or through some free agency, but we have to do something,' said Hornets fan Ronald Quintal.

The Hornets entered Monday night's game against the Kings with a 4-20 record, tied for second worst in the NBA. That, combined with a matchup against another struggling team, and you get smaller crowds.

Hornets officials say they're working to turn things around, while acknowledging the current problems.

'Obviously, with injuries and things we have happening, not being able to put guys on the court that we want. But again, it's building those fundamentals and basics that make sense for the future,' said Hornets President Hugh Weber.

Weber said the franchise has its sights set on future success, and he said the goal remains to find a new deal with the state and a new owner within the next couple of months.

'A sophisticated buyer sees the situation and what's happening, understands this business is cyclical and sometimes you go through ups and downs to get to where it's going,' Weber said. 'We continue to work with the governor and his staff to make sure that we have at least the structure of a deal in place that, again, an investor can see what they're getting into.'

While officials understand frustrations, they say the team appreciates any support.

'I want to make sure our fans understand that our players, our young guys really do feed off the crowd and they can have an impact, a real meaningful impact when they come to games and cheer 'em on,' Weber said

Monday night some fans said, even in these lean times, they're in.

'We've been season ticket holders since day one and plan on supporting the team,' said Hornets fan Cliff Dugar. 'I'm just positive and looking to the future, knowing that it's gonna get better.'

While there have been small crowds like at Monday night's game, remember, fans stepped up and hit the goal of 10,000 season tickets sold. Officials say that was an important showing of support.

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