Bill Capo / Action Reporter

NEW ORLEANS -- The Crater of Hansbrough Street has already eaten a large hole in the concrete and asphalt. Neighbors are afraid to let their children play in front yards.

'If a kid fall up in here, it's going to be trouble, especially mine,' said Darlene Joseph. 'You know it is dangerous. It is very dangerous.'

'Bill, this hole started seven, eight months ago, started at the size of a baseball. Progressively, it has gotten worse,' said landlord Chris Marino.

The crater already blocks half of Joseph's driveway, and that side is cracking and sinking.

'I can't believe they let a hole just get this huge like this,' said Joseph. 'A car, half of a car can fit into the hole, and I'm scared it's going to be my car in it next.'

What worries everyone is that the soil has subsided beneath the concrete at the edges of the crater, and now more sections of the street are beginning to sag and break.

'And when it blows, you're going to have a 50 foot crater here, because the street is undermined as much as 5 feet over in the middle of the street right now,' said Marino. 'Traffic is passing down the street. One day it is going to collapse, and you're going to have a car in it, and maybe injuries.'

'It's really disgusting,' said Joseph. 'I've been calling, and I've been getting no response.'

Now as you know I've had to climb down to the bottom of a lot of sinkholes in this city. But I will say something, this feels especially unstable. But it is hard to figure out what's wrong here, whether it is a broken sewer pipe under the ground, a drainage pipe, or what.

So I'm contacting the mayor's office, the city's Department of Public Works, and the Sewerage & Water Board, asking them to get inspectors out to figure out what's wrong, and then to get repair crews out to fix it before it gets worse.

'Everybody would be happy,' said Joseph. 'The kids would be happy too, because they're frustrated because they can't play out here like they want.'

I'll let you know what happens.

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