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Crews spent the weekend sketching and painting a Mercedes-Benz logo on top of the Superdome roof. A spokesman for the Superdome said Sunday there will be a Mercedes logo painted on the center of the top of the roof, along with 'Mercedes-Benz Superdome' printed on both the east and west sides of the dome.

Painters appeared on top of the Superdome Sunday, filling in the outline of the lettering with black paint, after the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District board signed off on the new signage last Thursday, according to Superdome spokesman Eric Eagan.

SMG, the management company for the Superdome, had to guarantee the logos would not invalidate the warranty for the roof that was installed after Hurricane Katrina.

The new logos were part of the original naming rights agreement inked between the New Orleans Saints and Mercedes-Benz last fall.

New lighting featuring the Mercedes-Benz logo was unveiled shortly after the naming rights deal was announced. The permanent logos are being painted as the second phase of that same deal. Eagan said Sunday that the Saints are paying to have the permanent logos installed.

The goal is to have the symbol completed by Thursday, the day national television coverage and events for the Final Four college basketball tournamentare expected to begin.

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