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NEW ORLEANS -- The 6700 block of Vicksburg Street in Lakeview is in such poor shape neighbors have seen many cars, including their own, damaged.

'My friends don't like to come down this street,' said Margaret O'Regan. 'It's a joke that don't go very far, make the turn and go back to Filmore, because if not, you lose your hubcaps and your rims and everything else.'

'If it rains, you truly have lakefront property,' said Seth Hawley. 'The drains are truly higher than the road. The center drains rip the bottom of your car off. It's very frustrating.'

The block is a collection of dips and humps, places where the asphalt is scraped down to the dirt. But they say city crews have twice installed underground pipes, and the temporary surface they added has now become a new furrow, while promises of permanent repairs have not been kept.

'We were told that it would be started at the end of November,' said an irritated O'Regan.

'But I think it is just very sad that you live in a city as strong as New Orleans, and a city that can bring a Final Four, a city that can bring a Super Bowl next year, a city that can bring all these great things, but they can't give taxpayers streets to drive on,' said Ann Marie Sequeira.

There is even a badly broken drain that has become an open hole.

'Goes through my mind a child falling in there, somebody jogging at night,' said Ann Marie. 'There's kids that live right here that can fall in there, kids riding bikes that don't see it.'

And look at what just appeared in the neighborhood, just after I contacted the residents and arranged to meet them here. Someone from the city dropped this off yesterday afternoon. The neighbors are amazed, they can't believe the timing, and they're wondering if the city might actually do something out here.

For Ann Marie, there's an extra sense of anger, because her sister Sharon has been campaigning to get the street fixed since she returned after Hurricane Katrina. Well, she got cancer. She died, and after all this time, her wish to have the street fixed has still not been granted.

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