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ARABI, La. - The Saint Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating a shooting involving a deputy that sent a man to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

The Sheriff's Office said it happened in the 6500 block of Chartres Street in Arabi where a narcotics investigation was underway.

'The bullet holes in the car was just violent enough. That just doesn't happen,' said Arabi native Kathleen Oliver who arrived home to crime tape and a maroon Nissan peppered with at least five bullet holes.

'I'm sorry for the whole community. This is not good, this is not fun, my grandchildren come on the weekends,' said a visibly shaken Oliver.

The Saint Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office said narcotics agents were conducting an investigation when David Cook, a 28-year-old from New Orleans, tried to get away using his car as a weapon.

'He struck a deputy, struck several vehicles. Deputies fired into the vehicle and struck the suspect,' said St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Sheriff Elect Jimmy Pohlmann.

One eyewitness told WWL-TV that Cook tried to reverse down Charters, managed to turn his car around and that is when deputies opened fire.

'We've had problems in the neighborhood before with I think the same thing that was going on here, with dope. I'm surprised that some idiot would try to hit somebody with their car,' said neighbor Edwin Roy Jr. The St. Bernard Parish resident lives just a block away and said his neighborhood was once very family-oriented but that has changed since Katrina.

'We have a lot of new faces in the neighborhood. Some of the homes are not occupied and the people that are running some of these homes aren't really screening some of these people,' said Roy.

'It's not necessarily a problem spot. We go where ever narcotics investigations take us. Today it took us into this neighborhood on Chartres Street,' said Sheriff Elect Pohlmann.

As the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office continued to investigate Tuesday's deputy-involved shooting, one grandmother said the crime and violence needs to stop and in every parish.

'You can't really say OK there and not here. It shouldn't be anywhere,' said Oliver.

Cook was still in surgery at 10 p.m. on Tuesday. The Sheriff's Office said he was taken to the hospital with at least one gunshot wound. The deputy who was hit by the suspect's car was treated and released on the scene. The shooting remains under investigation.

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