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GRANDISLE, La. - Officials in lower Jefferson Parish prepared for the worst.

But on Sunday night, the evacuation order for Grand Isle ended and thousands were relieved by the storm's eastward shift.

Effects were seen in the winds that kicked up and the surf that rolled in during the weekend.

The water rose to about a foot and half below the road on Highway 1.

There was some minor street and yard flooding in the low-lying outskirts. The town used tractors to transport extra drainage pumps to protect the area.

Grand Isle Mayor David Camardelle worked all day and waited for word of exactly where Tropical Storm Debby was going to land.

Around noon, Camardelle called for a voluntary evacuation with a specific emphasis on RVs.

Camardelle said that the emergency plan officials enacted went smoothly.

The mayor said he has to meet with the Corp of Engineers to make sure all levees are built and completed, so that the town is best prepared the next time a threat arises.

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