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NEW ORLEANS -- Dave Coll described a frantic scene just outside his home on Dublin Street, where gunfire erupted during a carjacking and armed robbery Tuesday.

'Heard a pop and heard some skidding, or peeling out tires,' Coll said.

A teenage boy robbed a woman at gunpoint, fired a shot at her as she ran away and then stole her SUV, according to the NOPD.

The victim was not injured.

It all happened just around the corner from the popular Oak Street corridor, where some were rattled by the brazen, broad daylight crime.

'It makes me really sad to think that somebody could've had their child walking to any of our stores, that, you know, it makes mad sad what happened,' said Elizabeth Ahlquist, Owner of Blue Cypress Books.

Ahlquist and others we talked with along Oak Street said they were disturbed by the situation.
However, they believe it was an isolated incident.

'I've been doing business here on this street for ten years. I've never heard of anything like this happening, ever,' said Brad Wilkins, Owner of Oak Street Cafe.

'It's never like that around here. It's very quiet. It's very safe,' Ahlquist said.

A short while after the crime, police found the stolen Mercedes SUV behind a house on Cambronne Street.

Neighbors reported seeing two young men ditch the vehicle in the rear carport of a home, and then hop into another car that was waiting for them.

Police have not yet identified the suspects.

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