Eyewitness News football analyst Darren Sharper on what the Saints will have to do to get prepared for this season.

Doug Mouton:What an interesting first day.You talk about the offseason of distractions. You've got Joe Vitt, Scott Shanle, SedrickEllis, a whole mess of players and coaches going back and forth in federal court. That can't be an easy way to start.

Darren Sharper:You know what, it's not an easy way to start at all. The one thing you want to have when yous tart training camp is to have a smooth transition. You've prepared yourself to get ready and in shape, get your mind in shape, and this is just a precursor for what this team is to expect for this season. Because what has been embeded in his mind is the turmoil, the scandal that's going on, so this is just something new that the team will have to get prepared for before the start of the season.

Mouton:The mindset on the first day of training camp, you try as best you can to wash away everything but football. For half the team that has to be impossible right now.

Sharper: It's going to be impossible. Because every time you see this team on the news you hear about them, the first thing that, now everyone is going to think about is what happened in the offseason. But the only way for them to forget about that is to play well when the season comes upon us. But right now, with training camp, hopefully guys will be able to block that out, be able to focus back in on football, which is the most important thing, and look forward to having a great season.

Mouton:Could you walk through federal court and back and have your mind right?

Sharper:Idon't have a good history with going to court. Luckily Ihave not been to court for anything bad, but it would be hard for me to do that.

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