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NEW ORLEANS -- Hubig's pie is as much a part of the Marigny as the music on Frenchmen Street.

The fire here is devastating for neighbors, who like the workers here hope the pie factory bounces back real soon.

People who live in the artsy neighborhood known as the Faubourg Marigny a stone's throw from the French Quarter woke up to sirens and chaos in the 2400 block of Dauphine Street.

To them, it's more than just a pie factory that went up in smoke.

'It's like a neighbor died, you know,' said neighbor Ellis Chapel. 'They're good people and I hope they can rebuild.'

'I'm really sad to see that place go. It's been an institution for as long as I've lived in the neighborhood, which is almost 20 years,' said neighbor Mark Kosiara. 'It's just amazing.'

Hubig's owner Andrew Ramsey says the pie factory may be down, but not out.

'We will be back. We are very resilient. We did it once after Katrina, we'll do it again.'

Quick work by firefighters kept the flames from spreading to nearby homes.

The neighbor across the street from the now charred pie factory said they did an awesome job.

'It could have spread very quickly, oh definitely,' Kosiara said. 'The first thing I was worried about is do I evacuate, personally.'

Some of the homes in the Marigny are just feet apart from each other.

The fire chief told us the concrete walls of the pie factory helped contain the flames inside the building.

'When Katrina took out the bake pies, everyday somebody would ask me about bringing back the lemon meringue, bringing back the sweet potato, so it's going to be a while before we really jump back into it, but I think that we will,' said Hubig's employee Ty Green.

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