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NEWORLEANS - Former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard and former parish attorney Tom Wilkinson pleaded not guilty to new charges in federal court on Friday.

They faced arraignment in a new indictment from the federal grand jury that contains 27 charges against the two.

Broussard faces up to 485 years in prison and Wilkinson faces up to 435 years if convicted of all corruption charges, prosecutors said.

Wilkinson's attorney said they will ask that Wilkinson be given a separate trial from Broussard. He plans to file motion to sever.

Broussard's attorney said they anticipate filing a motion for change of venue.

Last week, the grand jury added six new charges, including conspiracy to commit bribery against both men and five bribery charges against Broussard.

Those charges stem from a case where a communications company owner, William Mack, is accused of paying $66,000 in bribes to Broussard in exchange for $40,000 worth of parish work.

Mack pleaded not guilty on Tuesday, but his attorney said the plea will be changed.

In addition to the new charges, the original charges were included in the new indictment, including wire fraud and theft from programs receiving federal funds. Both men have said they are innocent.

Broussard and the government said they are ready for trial, which is set to begin on October 1.

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