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BATON ROUGE, La. -- It was media day in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, which also meant it was our first chance to hear from Penn State transfer Rob Bolden.

Bolden started for the Nittany Lions as a true freshman, but then lost his starting job. Now he has a new beginning with LSU.

'A brand new start is exactly what I needed.'

Former Penn State quarterback Rob Bolden is elated to be wearing the purple and gold, but it wasn't just the Sandusky scandal that made the quarterback sad about being in Happy Valley.

'Talking with him and his father, I think he was looking for a change before that scandal ever broke,' said Greg Studawa, LSU's offensive coordinator. 'I don't think he was comfortable there in that system.'

But Bolden is comfortable now, especially with his Tiger teammates who are quick to welcome the new quarterback.

'They've been really inviting, every last one of them,' Bolden said. 'I haven't had a problem at all.'

And going from a team facing four years probation to the number one team in the country is something even Bolden had trouble imagining.

'It really is a dream come true,' he said. 'I never would have even dreamed I would have the chance to come here, this after being at Penn. Obviously I was looking to leave. LSU popped right into the script. It was just a movie.'

But Bolden may remain an extra in that movie for the time being, until he can get the hang of the playbook.

'I don't know that there's, exactly where he fits. I think that's something that will come with time, but we're optimistic that he can come in there and give us a very competitive quarterback,' said head coach Les Miles. 'When that will be, I'm not ready to say.'

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