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METAIRIE, La. -- In Metairie the garden hose and a Slip 'n Slide is the only way a family is coping with a heat index of 101 degrees.

'Real hot, and I have cats in my house and they going crazy too,' said Metairie resident and mother of four, Gina Short.

Across the street, a senior couple could not stand be to inside anymore. Their connection to the outside world is far from the information superhighway. The small transistor, battery-operated radio is more like the information dirt road, as power, phones and cable seem like a thing of the past.

What's frustrating to the couple on Kawanee is they still don't have power, but catty corner to them, another family does and two blocks down their neighbors also have power.

But there is hope. Just a block away in the Clearview, Transcontinental area, at least a dozen power trucks with utility workers up in buckets. Progress.

The same was true in Orleans Parish on Esplanade. Utility workers lined the streets and in some cases phone company trucks were right along side of them. Still, a Seventh Ward resident was frustrated when the power that was restored, all of a sudden went off again for three hours.

'This morning, you know, the power was on. I had my phone charged and my daughter came back. She said, 'We don't have any power.' And I was, 'What do you mean we don't have any power. I just went to the store Saturday.' I went to two (grocery stores). It took two stores to find milk and cold items,' said Kelly Walton who lives on Galvez.

The one common emotion, frustration.

'It's really frustrating. I'm not understanding. This is the first time I've ever seen it this bad, you know, (Hurricane) Gustav was far better in terms of recovery of power,' said Walton.

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