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MANDEVILLE, La. -- The Re-Find Consignment Store in Old Mandeville is pulling out all the stops and signs to let people know they're open for business.

'I've gotten several phone calls since I've reopened, and they think that we've flooded, so we're trying to get the word out that we're ready for business,' said Lisa Galatoire of the Re-Find Consignment Store.

It's a stark contrast from what other businesses are doing all around Old Mandeville. Isaac's surge splashed up to Monroe Street. The water washed into bars, stores and eateries.

But just a block north, on Livingston, Vianne's Tea House made it out without a scratch.

'A lot of businesses didn't receive any extensive damage, so we're very, very grateful, and there's a lot of mom and pop shops and a lot of locally owned businesses that once we got power back, we were able to open up,' said Kerri Blache of Vianne's Tea House.

There's no question that there are several businesses still down here in Old Mandeville, from the lakefront all the way to Monroe Street, that are still dealing with the disaster.

But for those that are up and running, they want you to know that you're welcome until the area is ready.

'We really do want to open and get things back to normal and invite your customers back, so they have a place to go, their favorite place to visit and eat and dine and shop,' Blache said.

Galatoire said 'we're ready to help people recover.'

And it's not just because the people need it. The cash registers do too.

Some of the businesses that are cleaning up say it could be two months before they're able to open up again.

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