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METAIRIE, La. - People lined up outside Lakeside Mall to get a bigger bite of the 'Apple.'

The company released its iPhone 5 Thursday and some local iPhone fans couldn't wait to get their hands on it.

'It's like an addiction,' Mohammad Alkurd admitted. He's hooked -he was the first in line at Lakeside Mall to get the phone.

'Right now I have a 3GS, but it's terrible,' Alkurd said.

With the mall closed until 6 a.m., the Apple faithful had to wait outside.

'In California, they charge sales tax on the un-discounted price of the phone. So, I figured, hey I'm from Louisiana originally, why not give Louisiana the sales tax revenue and deprive the intemperate politicians, shall we say, in Sacramento of the revenue,' Mark Hartman said.

Across Veterans at Verizon Wireless, more people waited in line to capture an iPhone 5 on day one.

'The first person came in line about 11 o'clock last night so about six when I arrived, there was about ten to twelve people waiting in line,' said Kevin Sablosky, the retail manager at the Verizon store.

And even though most can't really describe exactly what it is that makes them want one so badly, they'll lose sleep over it.

Everyone in line said it's the coolest thing 'since sliced bread,' according to a patron at the mall.

About 100 people gathered at Lakeside Mall Friday morning before the doors opened.

Many more are expected at the Apple Store and cell phone provider locations around the area throughout the day.

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