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MANDEVILLE, La. -- A Northshore mother says she was fired for taking off to see her son, who she was told was being immediately deployed to Libya.

Rachel Ronan says two weeks ago, when the attack on the US Embassy in Libya broke out, her son LCpl E.J. Easterling was called into action.

Ronan said when she informed her employer, SuperCuts in Mandeville, that she needed time off to head to Virginia to see her son before he was deployed. She was told she couldn't go, but went anyway.

When she returned the following week, Ronan said she was fired. Instead of just accepting that, Ronan protested against it this weekend, and received tons of support in return.

'When I actually started out there, holding the sign, sharing the information, sharing the news on Facebook,' she said, 'Before you know it, I was just being overwhelmed with great responses, support and people's just praises, not just for my son or what I was doing, but because I was standing up and not taking a back seat to someone overruling me.'

The district manager for SuperCuts said Ronan didn't fully inform the business she needed time off. The manager said if they had known the reason was for a deployment, they would have understood.

Ronan's son's deployment has since been delayed, but she hopes her experience inspires others, including other employers.

'I would like for them to just take a moment, say what if this was my son or my daughter,' she said. SuperCuts has not offered to re-hire Ronan; however, another salon has offered her a job after hearing her story.

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