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After a string of armed robberies Uptown including a violent carjacking, high ranking NOPD officials took to the street tonight to ease concerns.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas says a major break in those cases is expected in the next few days.

Moving from one front door to another, NOPD officers were on a special mission on Friday night, joined by Superintendent Serpas and Sixth District Commander Bob Bardy.

'We use Mission Two as a way to put officers in areas where there has been uneasiness for one reason or another it could be car burglars, robbers, anything,' said Superintendent Serpas.

Police officers spent the evening canvassing one Uptown neighborhood dropping off fliers including this one connected to Tuesday night's violent carjacking, wanting to reassure neighbors after a recent uptick in crime.

'I want the people of New Orleans to know. We're making great head way linking a lot of evidence leading us in a lot of directions which are going to be positive in the very near future,' said Superintendent Serpas.

The starting point of the anti-crime walk was just a block away from where a homeowner was shot in the chest during a carjacking on Tuesday night near Camp and Delachaise. Police responded to a total of four Uptown armed robberies that same night.

'Its just horrible incident that occurred not far from here. Its very scary,' said Uptown resident Patricia Frosch who was stunned by the violent carjacking in her neighborhood.

Seeing officers out on Friday night put the Uptown resident at ease.

'I sometimes feel like we're forgotten here but the fact that the Police Chief came out. He was serious about contacting people around the neighborhood, that makes me feel a lot better,' said Frosch.

'I'm the last of five siblings in Orleans Parish. They think I'm crazy,' said Edgar Smith. He and his wife got a chance to speak to Superintendent Serpas as he made the rounds.

In light of this recent crime spree, smith believes more needs to be done.

'It's a good sign. But look what it took. Another thing I don't get from my tax money is police protection, we have our own police we pay for that,' said Smith.

The New Orleans Police Department is still searching for the 2004 Cadillac SRX with the license plate SJT 494 that was taken in Tuesday night's violent carjacking.

If you can help police solve these cases, call Crime Stoppers at 822-1111.

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